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Do females really like it when they get flowers from guys?

for the past week ive been really missin ma ex... think about her n remember how happy i was being w/ her and we just started talkin again today and well i kinda want to send her flowers since i live n AZ and she lives in CA but im not sure because we have become more like friends/lovers... we talk more like friends over the phone but act more like lovers when im over there..... but yea keeping to my question should i get her those flowers to show her that i still love her..

Do females really like it when they get flowers from guys?
yes....being that far away, it will be a sign of your affection for her. girls love to get flowers - especially at work (if you can do that).
Reply:I%26#039;ve always loved getting flowers and I rarely get them. When I was with my ex husband we were together for 9.5 years and I think I got flowers twice.

Here%26#039;s my suggestion to you - don%26#039;t do roses. That%26#039;s not to say you shouldn%26#039;t have roses in an arrangement, but my personal opinion is to have a fresh arrangement with different types of flowers. Something like that pops and stands out. Roses are nice but very over done. Make sure they put some Gerber Daisies in there. They%26#039;re pretty and last for a long time. :-)
Reply:yes they do.even if you are not serious with them it is a very nice can brighten up someones day.there is this thing called edible is like a flower arrangement but made with fruit.she is very lucky to have someone that cares for her even though you are not an item.


Can anyone please explain to me the meaning of the poem "to the flowers of heidelberg"?

To The Flowers Of Heidelberg

Go to my country, go, foreign flowers,

Planted by the traveler on his way,

And there beneath that sky of blue

That over my beloved towers,

Speak for this traveler to say

What faith in his homeland he breathes to you.

Go and say. . . say that when the dawn

First drew your calyx open there

Beside the River Neckar chill,

You saw him standing by you, very still,

Reflecting on the primrose flush you wear.

Say that when the morning light

Her toll of perfume from you wrung,

While playfully she whispered, %26quot;How I love you!%26quot;

He too murmured here above you

Tender love songs in his native tongue.

That when the rising sun the height

Of Kainigsthul in early morn first spies,

And with its tepid light

Is pouring life in valley, wood, and grove,

He greets the sun as it begins to rise,

Which in his native land is blazing straight above.

And tell them of that day he staid

And plucked you from the border of the path,

Amid the ruins of the feudal castle,

By the River Neckar, and in the silvan shade.

Tell them what he told you

As tenderly he took

Your pliant leaves and pressed them in a book,

Where now its well worn pages close enfold you.

Carry, carry, flowers of Rhine,

Love to every love of mine,

Peace to my country and her fertile loam,

Virtue to her women, courage to her men,

Salute those darling ones again,

Who formed the sacred circle of our home.

And when you reach that shore,

Each kiss I press upon you now,

Deposit on the pinions of the wind,

And those I love and honor and adore

Will feel my kisses carried to their brow.

Ah, flowers, you may fare through,

Conserving still, perhaps, your native hue;

Yet, far from Fatherland, heroic loam

To which you owe your life,

The perfume will be gone from you;

For aroma is your soul; it cannot roam

Beyond the skies which saw it born, nor e%26#039;er forget

Can anyone please explain to me the meaning of the poem %26quot;to the flowers of heidelberg%26quot;?
Dr. José Protasio Rizal Mercado y Alonso (1861-1896), martyr and national hero of the Philippines, doctor and gifted poet, spent an important period of his life in and around Heidelberg. He lived here from February 18 to June 1886.

This poem denotes both his love of Heidelberg (and especially the flora), and his intense love and home-sickness for his own country. When he wrote home he sent these flower pressings inside the letters - and his poem relates that with each pressing he kissed it and sent his love with it. He says, however, that the freshness and perfume of the flower will be lost because it has been plucked from its true home ... as has he. And this is how he feels - he needs to be in his own country to be fully alive.


What kind of shade plants/flowers would like nice in front of a brick house?

I am trying to plan what flowers or plants to plant in front of our house. The front of the house is in the shade because of two large pine trees that are in front of our house. The previous owner had a lot of hostas which I pulled out because they were overgrown and blocked the sidewalk so people couldn%26#039;t even walk on it. Are there any plants which would do well in the shade and look nice with a red brick house?

What kind of shade plants/flowers would like nice in front of a brick house?
hmm i cant tell u what kind of plant or flower, but make them bright =]

pink,blue,yellow...those colors will make the outside of your house look nice =]
Reply:I would do a mix of hostas %26amp; coral bells. Put the larger hostas in the back of the bed towards the house and the coral bells in front. Coral bells now come in lots of interesting colors so you can get color with out flowers.
Reply:found some info for you on website hope this helps :o)

Impatiens, begonias, caladiums, azaleas, rhododendrons, coleus and the many varieties of hostas have usually been asked to carry most of the load in colorizing shade gardens.
Reply:Hostas. No kidding. Maybe get some new ones. They have many different colors of foliage and blooms. Ferns are great in the shade. Impatiens. Bleeding Heart is beautiful in the spring but will look bedraggled in the summertime.
Reply:Lots of great plant suggestions here already.

Try bluestone perennials to search for plants based on your particular zone, and you can limit your search based on shade and soil type (dry, moist, etc)

Their plants are exceptional and they have EXCELLENT customer service if you do have a problem.

Also, Better Homes and Gardens has some great pre-planned gardens on their website:

I have used 2 or 3 of their plans (and ordered the plants from Bluestone!!)
Reply:i buy plants i like
Reply:Seems like everyone is thinking perennial and that is great. You may want to replant the hostas in other areas of the yard.

Along the sidewalk try impatients. White impatients in summer make such a beautiful display and lining a sidewalk they will direct the visitor to your door. You could have a large pot of them on one side or both sides of the front door to complete the look. And they will droop when they are thirsty, so no chance of dying for lack of water.

I like the look of one solid color (white alludes to cooler temps), but you can also plant a kaleidoscope of different colors.

Hope this helps. :)
Reply:bleeding harts are real good
Reply:You could have a foundation planting with a background of evergreens...Japanese plum yew and cherry laurel %26#039;Otto lukyens%26#039; at 2 1/2 - 3%26#039; HT. ..they work well in the shade and are easy to maintain.

Working towards the front of your garden, plan this area for a mixture of perennials--

-- for Spring, use white Astilbe, deep purple or blue Siberian Iris, some Tiarella %26#039;Oakleaf%26#039; and Helleboros %26#039;Brandywine%26#039; -- planted in groups of 3.

-- Intersperse some summer blooming perennials- there are many varieties of lillies (Hemerocallis)--Joan senior, Suzie Wong, happy returns and lullaby baby would look great against your brick foundation.

Next, if you still have open areas, plant some of the annuals that were posted-impatiens/begonias.

Finish with a border of Liriope, a green grass-type perennial with either white or purple flowers.

Plant pansies in the Fall to extend your blooming season.

a few others to consider:

mertensia-Virginia blue bell

Lilly of the valley

euphorbia-martin%26#039;s spurge
Reply:Where are you located?

Hostas are a staple of a shade garden, and if you%26#039;re not familiar with them you may want to take a look at some of the other varieties that are available that won%26#039;t overgrow the path.

Some other thoughts - ferns, liriope, columbine.

Links that might help:
Reply:First save the hostas....great accent plants for the front and line the walk but split them and move them back so they have room to grow. Sounds like you have total shade with the pine trees...if so you will be very limited. Evergreens such as yews, euyounmous and some hollies will work, incorporate some hydrangas, rhododendrens and azaleas for color and bloom.

Reply:Flowers for shady area:






Lady%26#039;s mantle

Perennial Phlox

bleeding hearts



Anyone know of good colorful flowers to grow in Buffalo NY?

I recently moved to the Buffalo NY area and I am really not familiar with the type of climate and plants that do well here. If anyone can help me out I would really appreciate it! I have tried just going to a local homestore, but it seems like they just try to sell you the most expensive plants and flowers. Thanks for your time!

Anyone know of good colorful flowers to grow in Buffalo NY?

I believe you%26#039;re in the same Ag Zone as me (Zone 5) so I%26#039;ll list some of my favorites. I%26#039;m assuming you are referring to perennials.

Garden phlox, monarda (bee balm), Shasta daisy (leucanthemum), bellamcanda (blackberry lily), bearded iris, scabiosa (pincushion flower), gaillardia (blanket flower), oenethra (evening primrose), daylily and Asiatic lily are all long-lived perennials that thrive in sun to part shade, and are EASY to grow! Most are available in various colors, too.

If you have shady areas, some good ones are the old standby hosta, as well as Japanese toadlily, astilbe, pulmonaria (lungwort), columbine, dicentra (bleeding heart), and various types of ferns.

Hon please purchase your plants at a reputable local nursery rather than Home Depot or WalMart. Nursery employees are far more likely to be able to make recommendations, and you%26#039;ll also be getting a better plant.

Any questions, just email me, I%26#039;ll be happy to help.
Reply:colorful plants for NY can include the following:

herbaceous plants- Petunia, pansy, impatience, geranium sp., geranium (pelargonium), sunflower, bee-balm/ monarda, delphinium, clemitis (a vine)

bulbs- tulips, iris

shrubs- rose, azalea, rhododendron

trees- eastern red-bud/ cercis canadensis, trees with fall color- maples/deciduous trees
Reply:You might try Springhill Nurseries on-line ... they have one cent sales and you can get some pretty good deals:

I%26#039;m in Zone 5 also (same as Buffalo) and love daylilies, hosta, iris, and most perennials. You can see some of the ones in my garden at:

*~ Enjoy ~*
Reply:Check out this wonderful video:

puppy teeth

Should I buy this girl flowers? Be real.?

I get the %26quot;don%26#039;t be a chump %26amp; spend money on/do this %26amp; that 4 women too early on%26quot; game. Plenty of past mistakes here.....I%26#039;m talkin to this girl right now. Known her 4 maybe a year, but only recently began hanging out. She seems cool %26amp; is smart %26amp; fun. I make her laugh. Said she likes that about me, %26amp; me bein forward. Went out on what I consider to be our 2nd date since I paid 4 the lunch b4. Things went real well. We dined, danced, spoke, she laughed, constantly touched me, touched her hair, bit her lip, etc. But towards the end of the night she began to stray mentally a bit. It was late %26amp; it had been a long week 4 her. When I walked her to her door she gave me a quick hug, leaving no time for a kiss, sayin she%26#039;d talk to me later. Seemed sincere. Couple days later I called, she hasn%26#039;t called back. Confused. Am I over-thinkin this? Also, she%26#039;s hinted to luvin flowers several times. Too soon? Oh, she kind of talks down on herself also but is an over-achiever. ??? Don%26#039;t wanna F it up.

Should I buy this girl flowers? Be real.?
Send her the flowers...she%26#039;s playing hard to get bro. Do it!
Reply:call 1more time and that%26#039;s it.....forget the flowers
Reply:send her stuff. she%26#039;ll know you want to continue with your date b4 lol and you want get to know her more. she%26#039;ll like that. try calling her again if after the flowers she still hasn%26#039;t gotten back to you. persistence is the key. but try not to seem stalker-ish that will not make her like you at all lol. good luck!!
Reply:do you really want to get someone flowers that might not be into you? I would say wait till things are really going somewhere before you do that.
Reply:no its cool buy her flowers chocolates and stuff animals and even hearts
Reply:flowers are good just no roses pick out something different everyone gives roses they just don%26#039;t know how boring and plain that is
Reply:Girls LOVE flowers - I say do it.
Reply:One last try - yea, send the flowers, nothing mushy on the card. Maybe something a little corny, like Hope this brightens your day like your smile brightens mine? If she doesn%26#039;t call then, she wasn%26#039;t going to.
Reply:Send her one single flower and enclose a card if you want a date call me!!!!!!!!!


Is it wrong to send flowers now?

I asked about giving up my fiance or fighting for her. Well, since it ended on a really weird note (Too many questions left unanswered and if im going to leave, i need to take one last shot!) Do you think flowers sent to her workplace would be okay?? And if so, what kind? Her favorites? Red roses?

Is it wrong to send flowers now?
!if you think it%26#039;s worth to send flowers now, then go for it. flowers are all the same, choose any you like!
Reply:i see nothing wrong in sending flowers,, , if i could, i buy flowers for my wife every day, but, that me,flower say, love respect,,,an friendship, go for it,
Reply:SAve your money ......if she still wants you and you want her she%26#039;ll be back. Then send her flowers.
Reply:Send her favorite flowers, delivered to her workplace, and a little note that says all you want to say to her
Reply:there is no harm in trying once more

send a friendship card along with red roses at her work place

may be it will end on a friendly note.
Reply:what makes it wrong?

I think that would be sweet of you
Reply:If it ended on a weird note and you want to give it one last shot send the flowers! I would make it a mix of her fav and roses. This way the red roses say you still care for her and her fav says that you still think about her! Good Luck!
Reply:it would b great to send her flowers, u can add chocolates ...
Reply:why not send to flowers to her house when she is off work

you could embarrass her by sending them to her work


So who all didnt get flowers or candy or a card for vday ?Tell me about yours im bored?

THIS IS ALL I GOT FOR VDAY ok today is vday right... well he has lots of money and he asked me what i wanted for vday i said i want you to pick it so he goes into the store and comes out with a snickers candy bar and just opens it up and starts eatin it.. i dont know wtf that was about but i have some doubts...he was right there in front of all the flowers and candy and cards and he just walked right passed it??? please help me b4 i go insane

i ask him if he wants to break up he sayd he dont know right now and we fought today bc i said well be sober for vday and me and you can hang out all day and cuddle n that good stuff so we have a big fight over him being sober it finally comes to an end then all the sudden he wants to go to this persons house and then a diff friends house whats wrong??? he says he loves me and wants to be with me but i think he just dont wanna hurt me again???

So who all didnt get flowers or candy or a card for vday ?Tell me about yours im bored?
I think that if he keeps hurting you, you should break up with him. Count how many times you were happy with him and how many times he made you unhappy. If the latter is the most that%26#039;s a sure sign you need to ditch him.
Reply:He doesnt care about you, break up with him already.

As far as me, I didn%26#039;t even get a text. So much for him.
Reply:Dearest Beautiful

I think he should date my soon to be X girlfriend. He%26#039;s about as cold as she is and should be given his walking papers as soon as you finish reading this. At 12:01 Am this morning i am calling her and i have a text and e mail waiting to be sent to tel her its over. How can people be so mean and not care about our feelings.

Good Luck
Reply:dump him he%26#039;s obviously not good enough or worth ur time and dont ask him if he wants 2 break up just do it
Reply:You should have told him you want something small.. a card would be nice... guys hate when you tell them to pick! Lets face it ladies they have no idea on where to start!!

As for him getting angry about you wanting him to be sober that sounds like a problem.. If he drinks that much for you to have to ask him to take a day off maybe he needs help...

I think you should stop worrying about him not wanting to get hurt and think of yourself on this one.. Follow your head and not your heart!
Reply:if he won%26#039;t dump you, then dump him. You can find some one who will appreiciate you for who you are %26quot;real you%26quot;.

Me no idea if i got flower or any of that junk because i went home sick